Environmental policy

Oil is today a necessary raw material in society. Oil products are used, among other things, to heat our houses, to fill up our cars, and to manufacture medicines and plastics.

However, exploration for, finding, producing and transporting oil does entail risks for the environment. This applies particularly to Malka Oil, as the company’s oil fields are located in a very beautiful and sensitive part of Siberian bog and forest land. Care for the environment is therefore is a very important issue for Malka Oil and its subsidiaries.

Russian environmental legislation is extensive for businesses in the oil industry. Environmental inspections of the licence area are frequently conducted. Any violations are dealt with by the issue of warnings, instructions or, ultimately, threats to close down the operations. In addition, the licence agreement for the oil deposits contain paragraphs concerning the handling of environmental aspects. Among other things, the closing down of operations must be planned years in advance in order to take the environmental consequences into consideration.

It is Malka Oil’s goal to always minimize the environmental risks and to carry out all environmental undertakings in an exemplary manner. This sometimes means going further in the company’s own demands on environmental care than the authorities prescribe.