Insider list

This list below shows all trade transactions of the members of the board of directors, holders of other senior management posts 

who are considered to have insider positions and persons who are closely-related to them.

Insider     Position     Last change     Date of     Holding
Petrogrand AB                        
Maxim Korobov     Board member and CEO                 22 345 910
Board of directors                        
Gunnar Danielsson     Chairman     -     -     0
Jesper Sevelin     Board member     -     -     1
Stefano Germani     Board member               -            -             0
Ragnar Santesson     Winthers/Auditor     -     -     0


Even though Petrogrand is not listed on Nasdaq OMX First North since 4 February 2016, the company has decided to continue publishing the list of persons,who would in other case be considered as insiders.