The Board

Richard Cowie
Chairman of the Board 

Elected 15 February 2016

Richard Cowie is a partner in an international law firm and, in addition to being a board member of Petrogrand, is a board member of a European renewable energies group. Richard has focussed on Russia and the CIS since 2003 and has a broad range of experience in a wide variety of sectors, including Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Financial Institutions, Media and E:commerce. 

Alexander Ulanovsky

Elected 15 February 2016

Alexander Ulanovsky, born in 1975 has approximately 15 years of experience in investing in, managing and operating assets with a primary focus on oil & gas, oilfield services and transportation sector and has a substantial market expertise in Russia and CIS. Alexander had previously worked for Global Leasing Invest Group as a CEO and co-head of the oil and gas sector. Alexander Ulanovsky is a partner and currently serves as a Managing Director in UNA Consulting GmbH and companies within the UNA Consulting GmbH group.
Alexander Ulanovsky has a Master of Science (Applied Mathematics) from High School of Economics Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE) and a Master degree in Private International Law from Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

Pavel Tetyakov

Elected 28 June 2016

Pavel Tetyakov joined the Group in April 2015 as the general director of all Petrogrand´s Russian subsidiaries. Mr. Tetyakov is a senior oil executive with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Prior to his involvement in Petrogrand he has worked for such companies as PetroKazakhstan, Exillon Energy, Ukrnafta, and SGO Sibgasoil. His core areas of expertise are optimisation of operations and business processes, M&A, JV management and government relations.
Pavel Tetyakov was appointed CEO of Petrogrand AB in February 2016.