General Meetings

The AGM is Petrogrand highest decision making body and forum for shareholders to exercise influence. The AGM shall be held within six months of the fiscal year.

At the annual general meeting of shareholders, including discharge to the Board and the Executive Director for the past year, adopting the income statement and balance sheet, the allocation of earnings and the selection of and remuneration to directors and auditors.


EGM November 9

Notice to EGM

Proxy Form EGM 2015 november

Proposals by the Board

Share Purchase Agreement

Fairness opinion

PwC Audit report (Swe)

Auditor's statement.pdf

Petrogrand Annual report 2014 (Swe)

Minutes EGM 2015 11 09 (in Swedish)


Annual General Meeting 2015

Proxy Form June 2015

The nomination committee's complete proposal

Minutes from AGM 2015 23rd June

PwC Revisorsyttrande


EGM 10 April 2015

Notice to EGM

Mysteel request for EGM

Proxy Form EGM 2015 April

Minutes EGM 10 April 2015



Extraordinary General Meeting 26 January 2015

Notice to EGM 2015

Proxy Form EGM 2015 January

The Board's proposal EGM 26 Jan

Fairness Opinion 150112 (Swedish)

Minutes from EGM 2015 26 jan